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Eastridge Condominium Renovation Project

PES was called to assess the structural integrity of the home. During the renovation the contractor noticed that the interior walls were separating from the ceiling. We determined that there was a successive "failure" of both the first and second floor due to overloading. The spans for the floor joists were too long for the size of the joists and had deflected over the years. We added a post and beam support system in the crawlspace to support the first floor and a steel frame to support the second floor.

Muldoon Bridge Demolition

Girder one is clear! Twenty-seven more to go!PES worked with Alaska Demolition on the removal of the original Muldoon Bridge since the Double Divergent Diamond version was now active. The removal was a challenge due to many factors. Among them was the close proximity of the new bridges and the age of the bridge. PES was contracted to calculate various segments of the project in relation to the load capacity of the bridge when it came to the cranes and removal of the girders (130,000 pounds a piece).

North Edge Hangar Water Main Extension

Water Main ExtensionPES worked with AMAQ on developing the North Edge Hangar lot on Merrill Field. The project included the complete civil site design for the lot to include all sewer, storm and water service on the site. One part of the project was extending the existing water main that runs along 5th Avenue to the property line, then transitioning to the water service line for the new hangar.


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  • Civil Engineering
  • Structural Engineering
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Water/Wastewater Design
  • Sanitary Surveys
  • Onsite Septic Design
  • Home Inspections