Residential/Commercial Building Engineering Services

PES LLC Engineers offer a wide range of services in Alaska. Our Engineers have vast experience in delivering engineering services for Residential and Light Commercial Projects. PES LLC can help you with all the necessary engineering and paperwork to obtain required permits for development before construction, in quick turnaround time. 


  • On-Site Structural Evaluation Services
  • Foundation Engineering
  • Custom Home Services
  • Home Remodel and Home Additions
  • Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs)
  • Load Bearing Walls
  • Structural Calculations
  • Decks and Patios
  • Construction Administration
  • Retaining Walls


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On-Site Structural Evaluation Services

Whether you are buying a new home and want an evaluation before you make the big purchase, or you are concerned about cracks, sloping, settlement or any other structural issues in your existing home, our experienced engineers can help you with a professional on-site structural evaluation. As an addition, they are also able to evaluate the feasibility of any upcoming projects you may have planned.

The evaluation can help you with various parts of your home, such as foundation, framing, shear walls, load-bearing walls, and building envelope. Through careful evaluation of the building, the engineer will report on structural issues.

In addition to the evaluation, we can also support homeowners with engineering plans and calculations to bring their homes up to city building codes for any planned repairs and remodeling.

Foundation Engineering

Regardless of where your home or resident is or how new or old it is, it will not last very long if it is not built on a solid foundation. The foundation is what your home stands on and any foundation can be susceptible to cracks and damages due to a variety of reasons including wear and tear and imperfect soil conditions.

Fortunately, engineers know how to evaluate foundations and prepare engineering plans to repair and strengthen them economically. Whether you are looking to buy a new home and want an evaluation of the foundation, or you are concerned about cracks, settling or sloping in your existing home, PES LLC’s engineers can come onsite at your home for an evaluation and prepare your foundation plans and obtain building permits so you can proceed with a foundation contractor. PES LLC can even refer you to foundation contractors who can do the construction work per our plans and recommendations.

A foundation serves multiple purposes:

  • Transfer the weight of the building to the soil
  • Anchor your building against wind and earthquake forces
  • Protect your building against imperfect soil conditions
  • Protect your building against ground moisture
Custom Home Services

Building the home of your dreams is often an opportunity of a lifetime and an experience that stays with you forever! Therefore, you look for the best architect, engineer, and contractor that not only fit your budget but also your deadlines and daily work schedule.

At PES LLC, an experienced engineer will work closely with you to understand your needs and objectives. The engineer is responsible for delivering them and ensuring quality and deadlines.

We possess vast experience in a range of residential and civil engineering services and the necessary permits. On completing this step, we can even refer you to a contractor in your area for the next steps. We also support Prefabricated, Manufactured, and Modular homes across Alaska.

Construction Administration

During construction, our engineer ensures that the construction goes as planned and adheres to the quality with which the project was engineered. Construction Administration is critical in preventing rework and delays.

Home Remodel and Home Additions

Connect with our Qualified and Experienced engineers to do a walk-through of your home. We can help you identify space that is underutilized and offer suggestions about how to makeover over that area in your home. With our experience in remodeling and additions, we see the possibilities and potential for your home remodel or additions. Tell us what you want to do with your home. Our experience spans home remodeling, home additions, retaining walls, deck and patios, ADUs, home renovations and much more.

Home Remodel

We are a highly skilled Alaska company with an eye for detail. Before residential engineering begins, we work with you to fully understand the vision of your remodeling project. Your satisfaction is our top priority and that is why our engineers will oversee every aspect of the project.

Custom Home Remodeling

Over the years, the needs of your family have changed and it is time to upgrade your home. Whether you need to add on to your existing house or remodel the interior to open up space, or even want to build your dream custom house from scratch, our experienced team can help you systematic right from start to finish.

Home Additions

You do not have to move somewhere else to live in your dream home or make do in your existing space as your family grows. Our house add-ons maximize your space while fitting in seamlessly with the rest of your home. Each addition we create is custom built and tailored to your specific needs by our trusted team of engineers. These are some of the additions that we provide to residential spaces: Bathroom Addition; Extra Room Addition; Sun Room Addition; Home Game Room or Home Wine Cellar Addition; second or third Story Addition and other services.

Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs)

ADUs are a secondary dwelling unit with complete independent living facilities for one or more person. They are an innovative, affordable, effective option to increase the value and space of your home. Today ADUs are known by different names: granny unit, granny flat, in-law unit, in-law cottage, mother-in-law apartment, sidekick home, laneway home, backyard guesthouse, backyard cottage or secondary dwelling unit. ADUs are affordable in Alaska, as they do not require paying for land, major new infrastructure, structured parking, or elevators. Further can provide an additional source of income for homeowners.

Plans and Engineering Services for ADUs

The first step of creating an ADU is to have an architectural plan.

We have you completely covered when it comes to the engineering required for the ADU. Our engineers can take your ADU vision and iron out the details to ultimately create the ADU plans for construction. 

Load Bearing Walls

One of the most common kinds of home interior remodels is removing one or more load bearing walls to create a more open space. While it is no small task to take down a load-bearing wall, it gives your home a more open layout and makes it feel bigger and freer inside.

While sometimes a load bearing wall can be identified based on its location, it often takes a licensed engineer to determine if the wall is load bearing or not and if it is, how to safely remove it while still keeping your house structurally sound and safe for an earthquake. A engineer can make the determination either from an onsite evaluation or by looking at your home’s original blueprints that may be on record with your city’s building department. The accidental demolition of a load-bearing wall without consulting a licensed engineer can cause a lot of damage, not the least of which is the safety and integrity of your family’s home.

Load Bearing Wall Removal

Understanding the importance of load-bearing walls in a home or building renovations is an important part of the design process. You should not have to let this stop you from achieving your dreams of an open floor plan or extensions that remove load-bearing walls. Our experienced engineers are here to help with high-quality engineering plans that preserve stability throughout all phases of a project. No matter how unique your vision is, we have optimized the process for a turnaround time that meets your needs. With our team of structural engineers and drafters, we have the experience you need to get your projects involving the load bearing walls completed on time and under budget.

Load Bearing Wall Removal Calculations

We can refer you to reputable skilled contractors that are experienced in executing the more complex remodeling that involves the removal of load-bearing walls. Architects choose us for these more complicated projects due to our competitive pricing, high-quality work, and optimized permit approval process.

Structural Calculations

From structural support for completing your home remodel to your residential addition project, the engineers at PES LLC have the technical expertise to complete the engineering while incorporating value-engineering solutions in order to help you save you on construction costs.

The Engineer assigned to your project will prepare a calculations package that can be submitted to the building department. This includes determination of the gravity and lateral forces (e.g. earthquake, wind) in accordance with the current International Building Code and International Residential Code and the structural analysis applicable to your residential project.

Structural Support for your Architect

For smaller design projects to remodel your existing house or for simple residential additions, your Architect may be comfortable preparing the design documents, including the drawings for the structural elements and connections, but may require the support of a Engineer to develop the structural calculation package. The engineers at PES LLC will adapt to the workflow your Architect desires, and based on a structural analysis can provide relevant markups of structural detail drawings that your Architect can include in the design plans. This process may end up saving you on some of the upfront costs during design.

Structural Calculations for Standard Floor Plans by your Contractor

Some contractors may recommend that you use standard, ‘off-the-shelf’, or pre-engineered floor plans in order to keep the cost per square foot for your residential project low. If you would like to customize these floor plans or the architectural features you desire, require a structural system that goes beyond the conventional light frame wood construction requirements we have a solution. Our Engineers can create a structural calculations package to support the changes to the standard plans in order to avoid a delay when your contractor submits the standard plans with modifications at the building department.

Support for your own Structural Drawings

If you have a background in the Architectural, Engineering, or Construction industry and would rather prepare your own design documents to save on the cost of architectural and engineering design, the engineers at PES LLC can help by developing a calculation book to support your work. In some cases, The State of Alaska allows unlicensed individuals to prepare designs for select types of buildings that meet certain predefined criteria. If your residential project fits these characteristics and you feel confident in your ability to draft up your own design plans, the PES LLC engineering team can back you up with a structural calculations package.

Anchorage Support for Manufactured Building Components

If the scope of work for your residential project is relatively straightforward, your Architect or Contractor may be able to handle most of the design documents for you; however, if your project incorporates manufactured building components such as rooftop HVAC units, solar panels, or other heavy mechanical and electrical equipment, an engineer may be required to perform anchorage calculations and to design a positive attachment to the building’s structure. The engineers at PES LLC are always ready to support your project and complete the calculations package as quickly as possible so you can obtain the permit and begin the construction.

Decks & Patios

Whether you are looking to enjoy the sun in your backyard or give your little ones an area to play outside, decks are adaptable and give you many useful options. You can turn them into an extension of your house to serve as a lounge area with the right furniture, or you can decorate them with plants to add to your backyard scenery. If you love to have people over, decks are a great place to socialize while keeping the inside of your home clean. Furthermore, decks are a lot easier to clean, so cleaning up after your party is that much easier!

PES LLC can help you end-to-end with your new deck, patio, existing deck, or patio remodel. PES LLC can prepare your deck plans to ensure your building permit will be approved and your deck will be code compliant (especially important for Alaska earthquakes!) so that you can commence with construction.