PES LLC provides essential civil site design, environmental engineering, building design and water/wastewater design services across the State of Alaska.


Pannone Engineering Services, LLC is committed to providing a service that consistently exceeds our clients expectations. PES offers unique value with genuine, friendly, personal service by our greatest assets: our team of carefully selected well-trained staff.

With offices in Anchorage and Matsu.


We offer all services required to complete any anticipated project, through the use of known sub-consultants.

Project Portfolio

Our project experience includes everything from small single-family residential wells and septic systems to full civil site designs. We have experience in designing vital infrastructure to better serve Alaska communities.
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Our Team

PES recognizes that to successfully complete projects in rural Alaska today, we need a complete team with a broad range of talents.  Our team provides services including planning, engineering design, RFP development, construction phase services, contract negotiation, and operations and maintenance training.
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